Using Drupal

Welcome to the source code for the Using Drupal book! This code contains a copy of Drupal and all of the contributed modules and themes you'll need to work through the hands-on excercises, as well as additional "asset" files such as logos and product images, that are referenced in some of the chapters. The versions included are the exact versions used in the book so that the examples in the book continue to work throughout the ages. We recommend that you go through the book chapters using the exact source code provided, so that your first learning experience is the same as in the book.

That said, the Drupal community moves quickly, especially when in comes to improving our favorite tools. Critical security updates and important bug fixes can and will happen after Using Drupal is published, so you should make sure to upgrade Drupal and all modules in this download before putting the code into use on a production site. You can find some guidance on how to do this in Appendix A.

Please keep in mind that there are two versions of the source code, for the two versions of the book. The First Edition uses Drupal 6 and the Second Edition uses Drupal 7. Make sure you are using the correct source code for your version.

Drupal 7 (Second Edition)

Warning: Since this Drupal code is several years old, you must use PHP 5.3—PHP 5.4 or higher will not work. You will need to make sure your server is using PHP 5.3 in order to use this code properly. Many all-in-one servers, like WAMP, MAMP, and XAMPP provide older versions of PHP and a way to switch back and forth between versions.

Download the Using Drupal source code (Drupal 7) - 34.96MB (June 2014)

For video instruction on how to use this source code with the book, please refer to the Drupalize.Me lesson Installing the Using Drupal Source Code.

Drupal 6 (First Edition)

Note: Since this code is quite old, PHP 5.3 or higher will not work. Later versions of Drupal 6 handle this a bit better, but look for a setting in WAMP or MAMP that lets you switch back to PHP 5.2, and you should be able to get through fine.

This download contains Drupal 6.4 and the module and theme versions listed in Appendix C.

Download the Using Drupal source code (Drupal 6) - 14.6MB (August 22, 2009)